About us

“Pleat is timeless, so as our design” 

Back in 2016, our founder Lee, Nicharee Prasitrattanaporn, was working on her Thesis project. As Lee saw tons of leftover fabric from the umbrella factory, she also saw how potential those fabrics are capable of. Not so long, Lee decided to work with those leftover fabrics and reused them. And that is how brand Repleat started.


“Originally, they knit these fabrics into a cradle. But I thought the colors were too good to be used in that way since knitting didn’t maximize their potential. So I decided to redesign them into a new style of bags.”

Because these fabrics can be found anywhere, people tend to overlook their function. With the fabric’s conditions and uniqueness, Lee brought those elements and turned them into the strength for her bags, and the very first collection of Repleat “Tote bag” was created. 

After Lee established Repleat for almost 2 years, she decided to push her brand to grow even further by joining the competition “Vogue Who’s On Next” in 2018 which gathers all the potential Thai designers who are passionate about both fashion and business management. Finally, Lee was able to achieve the first prize in this competition and became the winner of Vogue Who’s On Next 2018 with her fashion show theme.

 "People can have a variety of fashion tastes and our brand is here to embrace it"

As part of our philosophy, we believe in diversity of style. Our intention is to genuinely bring out and elevate everyone’s individual style with a neat yet chic design that will rock every outfit yet stay effortless.

Let's the design speak for itself